Event app


Get the same rich content whatever your operating system! Providing much much than just a content guide- streamline all opportunities to communicate and interact. You receive offline access to interactive applications: maps, attendee lists, and much more. Some functions directly link to external social media, enabling easy and quantifiable crowdsourced event promo making it also a powerful marketing tool. Other powerful benefits include the ability to create new revenue streams.

A native app provides many benefits:

Because content is stored locally on the user’s mobile device, no internet connection is needed. This ensures a stable and high performance application no matter what the location. Distribution of your customized app is easy with App Store and Google Play.

A native app is developed in accordance with the mobile device’s operating system. This ensures access and easy integration to the device’s own functions such as GPS, local storage, camera, address book and notifications.

Information on how individual users navigates through the app which can then be used for analysis and reporting.

AppinConf allows information to be conveyed digitally, without costly printed materials or depleting our planet’s resources..

“The meeting of the year” 2014 was awarded Surgeon Week 14, which was implemented as the first paperless Surgeon Week of all time. Thanks to fully digital communication through our app, a total of 2.2 tons of paper were saved.

The functions of the conference app




Attendee List


Interactive map

CME registration

Personalization of the meeting

Integrated QR scanner



Badge Printing

List of exhibitors

Ad space

Ask the chair

Crowd response system



Links to social media

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